Why should you visit Puerto Viejo?


Set against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea’s cerulean waters in the southeastern region of Costa Rica, Puerto Viejo awaits your exploration. This coastal gem embodies a relaxed Caribbean vibe, making it the perfect haven for those seeking tranquility. The town’s culture is a unique blend of indigenous and Afro-Caribbean heritage, pulsating with the rhythms of Reggaeton, flavors of coconut-infused cuisine, and the colorful charm of its homes.

With its vibrant nightlife, lush jungles, and breathtaking beaches, Puerto Viejo has become a highly sought-after destination. Let’s delve into what you can expect when you visit.

A World of Distinct Attractions Awaits.

Are you a nature enthusiast who revels in observing wildlife in its natural habitat?

Start your journey at Cahuita National Park, offering exceptional opportunities for snorkeling in a protected reef teeming with marine life and vibrant coral formations. Dive enthusiasts will also find a range of dive sites in the area to satisfy their thirst for adventure.

Don’t miss a visit to the Jaguar Rescue Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rehabilitating injured, mistreated, and confiscated animals. Once these creatures are restored to health, they are released back into their natural habitats.

Venture into the nearby mountains, where the Bribri indigenous people call home. Immerse yourself in their culture, discover the significance of cacao trees, and explore the spiritual and healing practices of local shamans. Support local businesses by purchasing handmade goods. Click here for more information on Puerto Viejo tours.

Thrilling Adventures in Puerto Viejo

For the thrill-seekers, Puerto Viejo offers a plethora of options. Glide through the rainforest on a canopy zip-lining adventure, navigate the Pacuare River on a rafting expedition, tackle off-road trails on ATVs, or savor horseback rides along the beach. Alternatively, try stand-up paddleboarding, fishing, surfing, and boogie boarding. The area ensures that excitement is always within reach.

Furthermore, numerous jungle and wildlife tours are available. Would you like to experience the jungle up close at night? Local guides can accompany you at sunset for an unforgettable encounter with nocturnal wildlife and the symphony of nature in the dark. Alternatively, visit Gandoca National Park, where you might witness nesting Leatherback turtles.

Enchanting Wildlife Encounters

Cahuita National Park and Manzanillo offer excellent opportunities for observing marine life while snorkeling and diving. Keep a watchful eye on local roads, as you may cross paths with a leisurely sloth. Costa Rica’s diverse avian population includes toucans, herons, parakeets, and kingfishers, making bird-watching a rewarding activity.

The Optimal Time to Explore Costa Rica

Bear in mind that the climate in this region can be unpredictable. However, when the rest of Costa Rica experiences rainy seasons, the Caribbean remains a sunny escape. Generally, the best times to visit Puerto Viejo are from August through October and February through April.

Plan Your Stay in Puerto Viejo

When it comes to accommodations, Puerto Viejo offers a range of options to suit your preferences. Explore the diverse selection of lodgings, from cozy beachfront hideaways to eco-friendly jungle retreats. Embrace the local culture, savor the cuisine, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this captivating coastal town.