Bicycling in Puerto Viejo


Just over 8 miles separate Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a charming coastal town, from the quaint fishing village of Manzanillo. When you embark on this scenic journey towards the southeast from the heart of Puerto Viejo, you’ll follow the picturesque Route 256, hugging the breathtaking Caribbean Sea coastline all the way to Manzanillo. This route offers a smooth and enjoyable ride, making it an ideal adventure for cyclists.

As you traverse the Route 256, prepare to encounter an array of captivating wildlife, including playful monkeys, serene sloths, and the occasional curious street dogs. Don’t miss the opportunity to make pit stops at the many enchanting beaches that dot the route.

Your journey begins in Puerto Viejo, where the first gem you’ll stumble upon is Playa Cocles. This surfer’s haven is widely acclaimed as the finest beach club in all of Puerto Viejo.

Venturing a little further, you’ll discover the hidden treasure that is Playa Chiquita. While not easily accessible by car, this beach is an absolute paradise for bikers. Continuing southward, you’ll reach the captivating Punta Uva area, teeming with pristine beaches, scenic photo opportunities, charming shops, and delectable gastronomic delights.

Just before you arrive in Manzanillo, your journey will unveil Playa Grande, one of the most expansive beaches in the entire region.

For avid cyclists, this adventure promises an exhilarating day trip, with numerous opportunities to savor gastronomic delights along the way. Whether you’re seeking refreshments, a hearty breakfast, or a delightful lunch, you’ll encounter an abundance of culinary options to satisfy your cravings.